Friday, August 22, 2008


Today we have a guest blogger. Please welcome Tricia.

Greenwood Photo Walkabout!!
Today I went to visit a friend I haven't seen in over a year. She works in Greenpoint, a place I have never been even though it's not too far. The G bus is the most notorious of all the buses, having a reputation for being perpetually slow/late/crappy. And so, I left two hours before my meeting time. When I went to Christi's workplace to give her the apartment keys she told me to take the E to the G because apparently, Cynthea once had a magical time warping experience on it. Okay fine. I'll try it. Lo and behold, wormhole happened. I was at my destination in 30 minutes. Who ever would have guessed. I spent a long time in a Starbucks, sitting at the bar pouring over a letter to my Kansas friend which said precisely what I wrote here. My Greenwood friend was behind schedule, so I took the time to do a "Photo Walkabout!!". This is where I take my digital camera and let it swing by my side, taking photos as I walk without really looking at the screen or caring about what happens. Usually there are lots of self-photos because I go for blocks without feeling inspired. There are also lots of blurry photos because having the flash on does nothing for secret photography. The only rule is I cannot stop walking to take a photo, but it is one that I bend liberally.

Where did all those one-day gigs go? Moving the furniture and boxes of lazy people for actual money. Where?

My mom may have found a new car, but it won't be available to me until September 13th. That leaves me approximately one month to do something. Anything. And I prefer to not be stuck in the city. The newest plan is to drive someone's car/belongings to wherever they want them to go. This is great because usually these people need to get their cars to a big city, which ALSO has a site on craigslist. So if I get one car to drive, perhaps I can get two. And ideally, I can get paid for my time.

Sorry, I have no idea what the hell Tricia is talking about but I promised not to edit.

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