Monday, June 30, 2008


According to all my calendars, watches and weather vanes, today is Monday.

But cheer up, my working stiff laborers. Only 5 days until the weekend!

So as I sit here in my underwear typing in 90+ degree weather,

I am reminded of why we're here.
To celebrate the life of James A. Dewar who died on this day in 1985.
Let me inform you of the importance of his invention, the delightful cream filled sponge cake...

Now go out and buy a box.

Now enjoy that delicious treat while celebrating today's Iconic birthday:
David Allen Grier!

Let's enjoy some of his earlier work.

I think he's the one on the right. I'll check my database and get back to you on that.

Now all the heat outside has me feeling sentimental for some basic animal love....

Just makes you say "awww...!"
Wait.....what just happened?

I present this next video to you for 5 reasons:

5. The girl in The Corrs is cute

4. This is one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs

3. I like this version of the song

2. This song makes me blue


This provides us with a simple math equation:

If A = B and B = C, then A = C

Let's simplify:

Yeah. That's right.

Let's leave on a contemplative note.

Think of me, when 'mid joy and gladness
They bark glides smoothly down life's tranquil stream.
When thy life, free from care or sadness,
Is calm and peaceful as a summer dream.

Think of me, though thy path be dreary,
Though care and sorrow may thy life enshroud;
When crushed hopes make the heart grow weary
And life seems darkened by a wintry cloud.

Think of me, let thy heart grow kinder
In summer's sunshine or in winter's gloom,
Think of me, when thy sole reminder
Is but the shadow of my silent tomb.

Oh, one more thing.

A different version but it all means the same to me.


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Should start out with this:

I don't care what people say, I like today's Iconic birthday recipient...
Gary Busey!
I know he's crazy, but I don't care.
He was actually nominated for an oscar for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in "The Buddy Holly Story".
And I think it was awesome when Gary just butted in on Mr. Seacrest.

THAT'S talent!!

Because today is Sunday, we're going to give equal billing to Antoine de Saint-Exupery as Iconic birthday.
Name not ring a bell?
How about now...

If you're still lost, you need to go buy this book IMMEDIATELY and read it.
You can get a brief synopsis by going to my June 10 supplemental posting.
There are some excerpts from the book that will enlighten you.

And remember the fox and the golden field of wheat.
Knowing that there are people that come into your life and tame you. Afterwords, you never look at certain things the same. Whether that makes you sad or happy, everyone goes through it.

Just remember the Little Prince as you make your way into this life.

And always use protection.

And if you see this girl:

Tell her I love her.
'Cause I do.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Normally on Saturdays, I like to stand in a field of tulips.

But today is different.

Let's just go for a drive into the country and enjoy each other's company.

Let's now concentrate on today's Iconic birthday.
One of my favorites.....John Cusack!

So let's look at some clips...

One of my all time favorite movies...

I don't want to get into a semantic argument about it, I just want the protein.

My guts have sh*t for brains.

How come you're here at, like, a gas-n-sip on a Saturday night, completely alone, drinking beers and no women anywhere?
By choice, man!

That should give us enough ammunition to make it through most of the day.....

Friday, June 27, 2008


To Friday.....

In case you were debating going to Vegas and getting hitched this weekend, please take this into account.

On June 27, 1964, Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman married.

38 days later, they divorced. Probably for the best. Can you imagine what their kids would look like?

Yeah...probably like that.

Also on this day in 1975, Sonny Bono and Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere divorced.

Do you realize how difficult it is to find a picture of Cher where she's not pumped full of collagen?

So let that be a lesson to you.

Today's Iconic birthday is quite the fluke!
Mildred J. Hill
She wrote the tune to "Happy Birthday to You"!

Wait. She looks really familiar.......weird.
I need to get that image out of my head.....

Much better.



Wait....what the....?? Well, the calculator doesn't lie!

This is way too much work for a Friday! Let's tone it down a notch....

Top 5 confusing Beatles lyrics:

5. Number 9, number 9, number 9 (Revolution #9)

4. Jai guru deva om (Across the Universe)

3. Plasticine porters with looking glass ties (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

2. Goo goo ga joob (I am the Walrus)

And the #1 confusing Beatles lyric:

1. Cheese and Onions (Yellow Submarine Sandwich)

Nothing like a nice cheese and onion sandwich! Mmmmm.....

One last note before we go.

Hearts will never be practical
until they are made unbreakable.

Take that with you. And if you are caught by enemy forces, destroy all evidence.

And don't forget the Jojos.


Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, while you were hard at work (or at least present), I was watching this:

See the things you miss when you sit behind a desk?

Top 5 things you miss when you're sitting in a cubicle:

5. The view (not the tv show) of the great outdoors

4. No need to know what the hell "PC load letter" means

3. Not getting hit on by the office temp

2. One word: spare a square

And the number one thing you miss when you're stuck in a cubicle:
1. The first rule of fight club is never talk about fight club

Or I guess you could start your own private fight club in your cubicle. Just don't talk about it.

Iconic birthday:
Terri Nunn!

Who's the blond hottie you ask?
See if you can sing along.

"Remember when the words were new
They carried a meaning, a feeling so true
I'm looking for a long romance
Not a picture of passion or one time chance"

But most undoubtedly deserved.

Do me a quick favor and stand up.
Thanks. You were sitting on my hat, hombre.

Just think, tomorrow's Friday.
Let me leave you with this little piece of advice to get you through the day:

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go"
--Herman Hesse

And without even realizing it, that is exactly what I'm doing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Is the official middle of the work week.

Time for a history lesson.

Today in 1876:

Indian Chief Crazy Horse won the two-hour Battle of the Little Bighorn, Montana, wiping out the army of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. Custer, who led the battle against the Sioux Indian encampment, was among the 200+ casualties. Ironically, the only survivor of Custer’s forces was a horse, Comanche.

Is it me or does Custer look like that dork from Nickelback?

And for some reason, this bit of history reminds me of a story I read long ago and now I can't get it out of my head. It goes like this:

Nicolai Pestretsov was a 36 year old man stationed in Angola, a long way from home. His wife had come to visit him. One morning, South African military units entered Angola where Nicolai's wife and several Russian soldiers were killed while the rest of the Russians fled. Except for Nicolai who was captured. According to the South African notes, "Sgt. Major Nicolai Pestretsov refused to leave the body of his slain wife, who was killed in the assault."

The South Africans were so surprised, they repeated the information. "He went to the body of his wife and would not leave it, although she was dead."

So Nicolai was sent to a South African prison.

Nicolai Pestretsov. A man who loved his wife more than anything else.

I just couldn't get this story out of my head. So maybe now you too will carry it in your head.
And sometimes think of a certain Russian named Nicolai Pestretsov.
I know I will.

And now...
Animal Farm.

Why, you ask? Duh.
Happy Birthday, George Orwell!
And what a handsome devil he is!

You don't see mustaches like that anymore.
Interestingly (or not), George didn't want his more famous pen name on his gravestone.


Why is it John Cusack is always in the rain? Ben Folds serenades....

I mean, seriously! I wonder if he's always sick during his movies because he spends a good part of it rain soaked.
A line spoken by Mr. Cusack in "High Fidelity":

I miss her smell. And the way she tastes. It’s a mystery of human chemistry and I dont understand it. Some people, as far as your senses are concerned, just feel like home.

Which brings us to Billy Joel. Try not to freak out when you see his face.

Told ya.

Try to remember the lessons we've learned here today as you walk through Hump Day.

And for God's sake, get some sleep. You look like hell.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Does Tuesday have a feel to it? It's after Monday and not quite half way through the week.

Kramer: What's today?

Newman: It's Thursday.

Kramer: Really? Feels like Tuesday.

Newman: Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel, Sunday has a feel....

Kramer: I feel Tuesday and Wednesday...

Well there you have it.

Let's take a look at the fattest countries.

Now wouldn't you think the U.S. would be in the top 3?
And all these other countries with such great food lower on the list. I'm hungry for Greek and Mexican!

But homework must be finished first. Today's math lesson:


Well I think we can all agree that math lesson was totally inappropriate.

Today's Iconic birthday:
Jeff Beck!

I almost went for Mick Fleetwood's birthday but I really like this version of "People Get Ready".
TRIVIA: Did you know that Mick Fleetwood was the inspiration for the muppet drummer Animal?

Weirdest drum set configuration I've ever seen. Is Animal still alive or did he go the way of Bonham, Moon and countless Spinal Tap drummers? I can see him getting into some pretty heavy stuff. Mainly speed. He's always so high strung.


I need a nap.

Maybe just a swift kick to the head.

Can you imagine a man with a mustache like this....

Writing lyrics like this:

So help me through the night
Help me to ease the pain and tell me it's alright
Help me through the night once again

Yeah. I think I can.

"Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?"
"Gee, he was just here a minute ago --that's how I want to be remembered"
--George Carlin