Monday, June 30, 2008


According to all my calendars, watches and weather vanes, today is Monday.

But cheer up, my working stiff laborers. Only 5 days until the weekend!

So as I sit here in my underwear typing in 90+ degree weather,

I am reminded of why we're here.
To celebrate the life of James A. Dewar who died on this day in 1985.
Let me inform you of the importance of his invention, the delightful cream filled sponge cake...

Now go out and buy a box.

Now enjoy that delicious treat while celebrating today's Iconic birthday:
David Allen Grier!

Let's enjoy some of his earlier work.

I think he's the one on the right. I'll check my database and get back to you on that.

Now all the heat outside has me feeling sentimental for some basic animal love....

Just makes you say "awww...!"
Wait.....what just happened?

I present this next video to you for 5 reasons:

5. The girl in The Corrs is cute

4. This is one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs

3. I like this version of the song

2. This song makes me blue


This provides us with a simple math equation:

If A = B and B = C, then A = C

Let's simplify:

Yeah. That's right.

Let's leave on a contemplative note.

Think of me, when 'mid joy and gladness
They bark glides smoothly down life's tranquil stream.
When thy life, free from care or sadness,
Is calm and peaceful as a summer dream.

Think of me, though thy path be dreary,
Though care and sorrow may thy life enshroud;
When crushed hopes make the heart grow weary
And life seems darkened by a wintry cloud.

Think of me, let thy heart grow kinder
In summer's sunshine or in winter's gloom,
Think of me, when thy sole reminder
Is but the shadow of my silent tomb.

Oh, one more thing.

A different version but it all means the same to me.


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