Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Good morning. How ya doin'?
You may want to take a look in the mirror......bed head.

Hmmm....this has me thinking.......what would be worse than bed head?

There's Buckethead

(who my brother says will change your life if you see him in concert)

Or maybe a Steelhead

(but we don't want to harm the fishies, do we?)


(smoke on the water anyone?)

Could be Motorhead!

(LEMMY! 'nuff said)

Well, I think I would rather wake up to any of the above as opposed to Agnes Moorhead from Bewitched.


Well the birthdays are a bit scarce today (apologies to those out there celebrating yours).....

But one stands out as Iconic.
Mort Walker!
Yes, that's right. The cartoonist for Beetle Bailey and Hi & Lois!

Here's some samples of Mort's work:

And you know you can click on any pics to view it at full size......

That's really not that funny and a bit odd. Maybe we caught Mort on an off day.

OK.....maybe if we take a look at Hi & Lois.

Well that wasn't funny AT ALL.

Let's try one more.

That one was a bit humorous but probably not for the right reasons.

Well, after taking another look at the pic of Mort, I've come to the conclusion that he's insane.
And he likes blue sweaters.

What an odd Hump Day, eh?
Let's go to Happy Hour.

And dream of greater things.

Or at least enjoy the ride.

Say goodnight, Nich.
Goodnight Nich.

Here's a short story Cannes winner for your enjoyment.
It runs a bit over 5 minutes so enjoy at your leisure.


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