Monday, September 15, 2008


Our new horsey!
As you can see from the picture below, we got another new horse. This is NOT the Quarter Horse Mare that we got a few weeks ago. This one is a Mini-mare that I just found on Saturday evening. She is only about 32 inches tall. I called up Dave all excited and asked if I could just go look, well by Saturday night we were driving back out to pay for her. Dave and Autumn picked her up Sunday morning in my mini-van. Mini-mare in a mini-van. How appropriate...or not?! She is awesome with the kids. Logan is stoked to have his own little horsey, just his size that he can ride. She is also "knocked up" so come summer sometime, we will hopefully have a new little one. (Darin - you get to be the midwife!)

We went in half with my Sister-in-law and her husband on the mini-mare so both our families will share her for the younger kids. Since Ruthie and Darin are moving here this week from Ketchikan, it is totally convenient!

Her name WAS Teeny Turner (Tina Turner - if you see her mane you will know why!), but we have decided she needs a new name, so when Hannah and Callie get here, we will put it up for a vote. Or us parents will just decide and let the kids know!

We bought a horse. Did I tell ya all that yet? Well we did. Her name is Brandy and she is a Quarter horse. We are in the process of putting up our fence....still! We have most of the wood posts in and a few of the t-posts in. We are hoping that the excavator will be available this weekend to finish clearing the area for the back fence line and to clean out all the dang trees that remain. Now we have 2 horses. The other horse we own is Cisco, an 8 yr old Morgan/Quarter horse....untrained. Someday we plan on getting him trained. For now Brandy is totally rideable, even for the kids. Dave's aunt Chris gave us Cisco last summer. She was hoping someone would do something with him cause she believes he has a lot of potential. We shall see I guess. I am nervous about spending money to train a horse, not knowing if it will take $1000, $2000 or $6000 to train him enough to ride him. I could go out and spend one of those dollar amounts on a trained already horse. Oh well....we will find out next fall I guess.

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