Monday, September 22, 2008


So here's what Mr. T is up to lately:

Just thought I'd share.

Now on to today's Iconic birthday....

That's right! Chachi!

Here he stars in Charles in Charge

Oh wait. Sorry. I forgot Charles in Charge is where I first fell in love with Nicole Eggert. My bad.

Sorry....this is all getting a little too racy for a Monday family blog.

Perhaps if we use our handy time machine to go back to the beginning of this entry...

.golb ylimaf yadnoM a rof ycar oot elttil a gnitteg lla si siht...yrroS

!ihcahC !thgir s'tahT

.erahs d'I thguoht tsuJ

Uh oh.....this is exactly what happened in The Fly!!

Ugh....I don't feel well....

But evidently I'm ready to aviate.


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