Friday, October 24, 2008


You made it to the weekend.
I suppose if you have to work over the weekend then my congrats comment kind of stung a bit.
Sorry about that.

Do you realize that next week is Halloween?
Do you have a costume ready?
Well, today is your lucky day because I'm going to present you with some options!

Here are some popular ideas:

You could be Chachi and get someone else to be Joanie!

This one might be a bit uncomfortable to get around in.....and someone would need to feed you between the bars....

This one might not be such a good idea...for obvious reasons...

If you've always wanted to be some weird kind of processed meat......

This is just wrong. And I know some people that wouldn't need the extra belly padding...

Do a few dozen situps in the next week and go as Matthew McConaughey

Just plain gross...

I guess if all else fails, you could start doing hard drugs, roll around in glass and smear peanut butter all over yourself then wait about 25 years and....


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