Wednesday, October 29, 2008



The girl infamous for Johnny Depp's tattoo "Wino Forever".....formerly "Winona Forever"

Which gives us a perfect excuse to show Mr. Depp!

OK People. Let's concentrate and get back to the task at hand...

Let's take a look at the MANY dating stages of Miss Ryder.

Here she is with a jar of mustard....uh...I mean Mr. Depp.

And here with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum (who I saw do a FREE show at the Pike Place Market last year).

I would look SO much better in a suit with Miss Ryder than that.

Oh yeah. MUCH better!

Here she is all dressed up fancy with Matt Damon.

And here she is with.....

Oh, mind.

Here she is cowardly lion?

And I think my favorite is Winona with....

I am so terribly sorry. But I am a human blogger, after all.

I leave you with an albino squirrel...

Yeah. I didn't know they existed either.


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