Thursday, December 11, 2008



That guy from The Late Show with David Letterman:

I believe his name is Gerard Mulligan.

Also sighted was none other than Phil Collins!

Does Phil have boobs? Odd.


I was lucky enough to get BOTH of them together for an interview!
It went

Me: Wow. Phil Collins and that guy from David Letterman! What brings you guys to Seattle?

Phil: I'm here for the coffee

Gerard: I thought this was Vancouver?

Me: Phil, How does it feel to be bald?

Phil: How would it feel with a fist to the nose?

Me: Are you sensitive about your baldness?

Gerard: Yeah Phil. Are you sensitive?

Phil: I didn't come to Seattle to be made fun of for my lack of hair.

Gerard: Well if you're bald, you should expect it.

Phil: Shall we make fun of you 'cause you're ugly?

Gerard: I don't think that's completely necessary.

Me: C'mon fellas! Let's just have a nice Q and A.

Phil: SHUT UP!

Gerard: SHUT UP!

It was at this time that both the guy from Late Show and Phil Collins started duking it out!

Lucky for you, I had my new digital camera!

It got pretty ugly there for a while.....but one of them emerged victorious.

I know!! I would have placed my money on that guy from David Letterman, too!

Just goes to show you, don't mess with bald adult contemporary singing drummers!


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