Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Have you made your plans for New Years Eve yet?

Well Ladies and Germs, the wife and I were JUST discussing that very thing! I've even included visuals for the hearing impaired.

And it went something...like...THIS:

ME: Did you call Dick Clark and make reservations?

SEXY WIFE: I tried, but his receptionist wouldn't connect me. It appears Dick has taken out a restraining order against me after last year's New Year fiasco and our names have been blacklisted for all of his events.

ME: Well that explains why he greeted me with gun in hand last time I visited.

ME: I guess we can always get drunk with The Red Hot Chili Peppers like we did on your birthday.

SEXY WIFE: Well I suppose that's an option but that Flea character really bothers me. Most people wear pants, for crying out loud!

SEXY WIFE: Have you any thoughts on part-aying with common folk rather than hot shots celebs?

ME: You mean like Paris and Britney? I guess we could give it a try.....

SEXY WIFE: I checked with Paris, she's going to the party at Ellen and Portia's and I'm not speaking to Brit after she cut me out of her MTV documentary and refused to give me credit for the title of her latest album. I'm the one with the circus experience, who does she think she's kidding.

Well, in the end, the wife and I decided to just stay home and spend the New Years with each other and a couple close friends.

Spend New Years eve at home with my beautiful wife?

How can I resist that?!


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