Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome to Hump Day!
We've got a lot to cover so let's get started......

The other day while I was at the local coffee shop enjoying my mocha and fighting off girls,

(it could happen)......anyway.....

I was observing this kid eating a pastry and noticed that he had food all over his face.

Well naturally, this got me thinking HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
He was definitely old enough to know where his mouth was and his motor skills seemed to be what gives?

Let's look at this from a mathematical perspective.

Taking all elements into consideration including pastry items, food remnants and facial proximities, we can conclude the following equation:

It seems nearly impossible to formulate a logical explanation for the constant absence of the food to mouth ratio.
Perhaps the following chart explaining the trajectory ratios between the facial placement with each individual food item will help clear the matter:

Once this has been established, we can easily draw up another multi-layered graph to further delve into the matter:

That seems to state clearly how the matter can easily be resolved.

So I guess the bottom line would be that KIDS ARE MESSY.


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