Thursday, May 28, 2009


My niece is becoming a real professional photographer.
Even Annie Leibowitz has published her works.

I urge you to go to your local Barnes and Nobles and pick up a copy for yourself.

Here's an excerpt of the most awesomest pictures from the book:

Now let's check in with our own Astrology Wizard for today's Iconic Birthday....

And the Wizard says...

Uh...well, once again the Wizard says it's DONUTS birthday. He really should think about having a salad.
So we'll have to do the work ourselves....

Today's Iconic Birthday:
Kylie Minogue!

Um, I know we try to keep our offices clean here at Elvis Loves Donuts, Inc. (yes, we're a corporation) but something about this pic.....
and I don't even



Kylie's music




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