Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How many have seen the following Seinfeld episode:

Where the girl wears the same dress every time Jerry sees her?

Well.....I'M LIVING THIS!!

See, I've been to the coffee shop several times in the last couple weeks and have seen an attractive girl there each time. BUT she always has the same dress on!!

The style is similar to this:

So obviously, it's not something that would blend in and be lost in a is very noticeable. And she's extremely attractive on top of that. So there is no way she could NOT be noticed.


Let's look at some theories.

1. It is her "go to" dress for job interviews so she wears it before meeting the potential employer.

2. I only see her on some fixed laundry circuit where the dress falls into the schedule by coincidence.

3. She's insane.

4. She's colorblind and thinks the dress is different colors each time (even still, you'd think she would stray away from the same pattern!)

5. She's in love with me and wants to get my attention.

6. It is actually NOT a dress but her actual skin that we see, meaning she is an alien.

7. She is one of a quintuplet and they don't realize each other keeps wearing the same dress when they get coffee.

8. She's desperate for my attention.

9. She's just plain nuts.

10. She works at some weird "Black and White Only" store and that's the company uniform.

Personally, I think she really wants my attention.

But wait....upon further investigation, our research department found the following store located in Alaska:

Well there you go.


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