Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today is National Take Your Monkey To Work Day!!

Other notable events that happened on today, June 17:
  • In 1837, Charles Goodyear got a patent for rubber!
  • Amelia Earhart was the first woman to successfully fly across the Atlantic!
  • Rocky Marciano defended his heavyweight title by beating Ezzard Charles!
  • Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb reached the #1 spot on the charts!
  • At about 6:45pm in 1994, Police spotted a white Ford Bronco.....
Ah, the memories......I'll give you a few minutes to let all that history sink in......

This just in!

Now there's a huge blow to the opponent's ego. And you thought YOU were unappreciated!

Let's tie together the feeling of being unimportant with National Bring Your Monkey To Work Day!


Here's a field of cows:

If you'd like to see more cows, just leave a comment and I'll be sure to post them!
Or you could just visit the family farm.

I think we've accomplished a lot in today's post.
But I must confess, my monkey wrote the first part.

Wait......is that monkey wearing a watch? Where would a monkey buy a watch?


Let's move on to today's Iconic birthday.....
Barry Manilow!

I know some people that would kill for hair like that!

Uh....I think that's our cue to close shop for today.
Obviously when you bring your monkey to work you end up with a post like today's....Especially when you let your monkey do most of the work.
We'll learn some things of real substance tomorrow. Today's a total loss......

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