Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Wasn't it just last week we celebrated this very day? Time flies when you blog...

Let's start today off with a nutritious breakfast. Starting with some fresh squeezed orange juice.

Now some toast for a little fiber and carbs.

Some fresh fruit to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Maybe a small coffee to give us a little jolt of energy to make it through the morning.

And for protein, our main course:
Scrambled Eggs!

HOLD ON!! Do you realize that "Scrambled Eggs" has a completely different connotation?
It was the working title to The Beatles' Yesterday!
Wow. That is one wacky coincidence. Because.....

Today's Iconic birthday is

Top 5 Paul McCartney Trivia Bits:

1. Paul is a vegetarian
2. He was the only Beatle to graduate from Britain's equivalent of high school
3. At 5' 10.5" he was the tallest of the Beatles
4. Paul is left handed
5. Paul formed a successful post-Beatle group, Wings

Um...I really have no explanation for the following video.
I will always love you, Silly.

Yeah...that's just odd.

Is there anything wrong with silly love songs?
I don't know. I'm not going to get into any lengthy philosophical debate about it right now.
I'm sure there are some silly love songs out there that have tugged on your heart strings at one time or another.

Let's let Jewel close today's session.....

You can be Henry Miller and I'll be Anais Nin
Except this time it'll be even better,
We'll stay together in the end
Come on darlin', let's go back to bed
Put the phone machine on hold
Leave the dishes in the sink
do not answer the door
It's you that I adore--
I'm gonna give you some more

That sounds pretty damn good to me.


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