Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WEDNESDAY is usually referred to as......

Hump Day! You can interpret that in any way you choose but I'm going to keep it G rated.

What comes to mind when you think of Walmart?
That's right! AC/DC!

That brings us to today's math lesson

This is a good time to move on to today's Iconic birthday.
Ben Jonson! I know. Obscure, huh?

SOME act of LOVE'S bound to rehearse,
I thought to bind him in my verse :
Which when he felt, Away, quoth he,
Can poets hope to fetter me ?
It is enough, they once did get
Mars and my mother, in their net :
I wear not these my wings in vain.
With which he fled me ; and again,
Into my rhymes could ne'er be got
By any art : then wonder not,
That since, my numbers are so cold,
When Love is fled, and I grow cold.

And on a personal note, Mr. Jonson is NOT an attractive man.

So as you begin your journey today, no matter where it leads, always remember....sometimes pushing won't help

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