Friday, July 18, 2008


Today is Friday.
On this day in 0064, Rome burned.

It's said that Nero fiddled (literally) while Rome burned.

So with just a bit of tweaking, we come up with this:

Nero you rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard.
'Cos hells broke loose in Rome and the devil deals it hard.
And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold.
But if you lose, the devil gets your soul.

Hope that simplifies things for everyone.

And what better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than with today's Iconic birthday:
Glenn Hughes!

Yup. That's right. The Village People.

Now I haven't tried it personally, but they say it's fun to stay at the YMCA.


When a patient receives a heart transplant, there are so many small fibers and nerves that doctors cannot attach. Because of this, the patient can't tell if the heart will fail or not and the heart's response to stimuli is delayed.
BUT sometimes those nerves attach themselves over time.
Which makes me wonder.....
What if they never reattach themselves?
Does that mean that person doesn't feel things the same?

If they do attach, do they continue to love the same things or the things that were loved by the heart donor?

I don't know. Have you ever felt that your heart strings became unattached or possibly grew back even stronger?

When you pass people on the street, in the store, etc., try to look into their heart and see if you can tell if their heart fibers have been damaged.


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