Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Top 5 different names for Tuesday:

5. Blahday

4. Worthlessday

3. Atleastit'sbetterthanMondayday

2. Tacotuesday

And the number one different name for Tuesday:
1. IsitFridayyetday

And you have to ask yourself, "what would an office chicken do?"

Do chickens drink?

I know roosters do but not sure about chickens.
Have you ever seen a drunk chicken?
We'll have to research that and post the results at another time.
And where would a rooster get a tattoo?

I've seen a drunk rooster before and it ain't pretty.

My advice: If you see a rooster in a bar, leave immediately.

Unless you're a member of Fight Club

Which you shouldn't even be talking about anyway.

Let's move away from the violence and on to today's Iconic birthday:

Wil Wheaton!

Here's a scene from one of his most famous roles:

Sorry if that grossed you out. Guess I should have warned you first.

Maybe this'll take your mind off it:

A chicken eating a grape

I didn't know chickens ate grapes. Looks like we're covered for today's schoolin'.

So let's end with today's quote:

All I know of love is that love is all there is.

That should arm us with the ammunition needed to make it through another day.


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