Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I recently had a phone interview with Tuesday while it was out on tour. It went something like this:

Tuesday: Good morning!

Me: Good morning Tuesday. So tell me where you are right now.

Tuesday: I'm in some small town in Oregon. They were supposed to put me up in a Ramada Inn but I'm stuck in a Motel 5. It's not good enough to get the "6" rating, I guess.

Me: Sounds nice. Do you have anything to tell your fans while I've got you on the line?

Tuesday: Sure! Tell them to quit being so mean to Monday. It's not his fault. If anything, they should be mad at Sunday night!

Me: That's what I keep trying to tell them! I heard that your political views have been under a lot of scrutiny lately.

Tuesday: Yeah. I basically just told the media that our financial and banking system has become a brutal hockey game without impartial referees. McCain and Obama are debating whether to target tax cuts for the rich or the elusive middle class when we really need an entirely new socio-economic model.

Me: I didn't realize you were so politically involved. Most people think of Tuesday as being that day between the first day of the week and hump day.

Tuesday: Exactly. I've gotten a bad wrap from day 1. Or I guess I should say, day 2?!!

Me: Right. Thanks for calling.

Tuesday: It was a pleasure! Tell your readers I'll be back next week!

Well that didn't go exactly as I had planned. But don't worry. I'll edit it all out.

Once again there are many birthdays today but only one deserves the Iconic status:
Oscar De La Renta

Let's look at his Fall 2007 collection.

Now I'm no fashion maven, but I'm a little confused by this:

Actually I believe it may come in useful for instances such as:

Bravo Oscar. Bravo!

It's also Willem Defoe's birthday but I can never figure out which guy he is.....

I need to rent Speed 2 again.

Ugh....my blood sugar's wiggin out......but before I go, I want to share


May your heart be what it wants to be.

One more thing

Yes, again.

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