Monday, July 21, 2008


That it's Monday already....but according to the calendars, it's true. Sorry.

Top 10 Excuses For Not Going Into Work Today:

10. I'm stuck in the blood pressure machine at Safeway

9. My cat locked me in the bathroom

8. My carrot is sick and I need to take him to the vegetarian

7. My wife is going to get pregnant and I need to be there when it happens

6. The Starbucks on the way to work was on their list of stores to be closed

5. My clone is on back order

4. I'm still waiting for the pizza I ordered last night

3. I accidentally locked myself in my car

2. I have to attend my funeral today

and the number 1 excuse for not going to work today:

1. I can't come in today because I woke up ugly

There are many birthdays to celebrate today

Ernest Hemingway

Cat Stevens

Garry Trudeau

Robin Williams

Jon Lovitz

Josh Hartnett

But they all pale in comparison to today's Iconic birthday recipient....

Here's Don in action:

Wait....what was that? Is that legal?
Wait'll Oprah hears about this!

You know, sometimes in my line of work an idea will surface and if you're lucky enough, you'll find exactly what you in point.

Muppets that look like celebrities:

That was sheer poetry.

That should stave off the authorities for a while.
Let's end with something worthwhile.

Just remember, next time you wonder where you are, you're exactly where you're supposed to be.


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