Thursday, August 14, 2008


While Nichole recovers from yesterday's fiasco,

let's start anew.

Top 5 things to do while reading this blog:

5. Sleep

4. Jumping jacks

3. Levitate all inanimated objects nearby

2. Don't read this blog in the first place

And the numbr on thing to to while reeding this blog:
1. proofread it

In honor of today's Iconic birthday recipient, I give you one of my favorite works by him....

That's right!

I know the above cartoon to be factual because I have seen cows on all fours while a car drives by.

Proof Positive!

Here's some more fine work by Gary....

And here's one that I experienced in real life......


OK....I admit this last one was my week attempt at capturing the magic of the comic strip.


Well I think we've officially hit bottom.
We're going to need to shut down and regroup...

But first, let's take a vacation from ourselves.


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