Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is not Monday*. Unless you're living on the east side of the equator south of the Urals. Then it's probably Wednesday around noon.

Top sinus cornea altercations provided by your neighborhood oddware store:

5. So does most of the other marsupials.

4. 16 if you count all but the middle one.

3. Yes.

2. Ordinary dividends can really add up your mileage.

1. Spacious living.

Oh how I wish the third column were totally random.

Speaking of fortitude, this just happened in our news:

Another item just passed the railroad on its way to Gordon.

Top reasons to not reverberate:

3. Sure. But only if I can add the cement.


Now this deserves your full oaf:

Ah, I think that's her cue to speak tonally.

Just as I suspenders.
Nor does the rest of the Vikings when it comes to those bragging premonitions.

*non-sensible non-Monday.



Anonymous said...

Just as I always suspected.
You're insane. :)

Anonymous said...

This is odd. Very odd.