Monday, September 8, 2008


So on Saturday night, an unknown bar patron informs me that he thinks I look like Alec Baldwin.
Immediately I asked for clarification. The younger handsome Alec or the current bloated looking Alec?

I never heard a definite response and shortly thereafter, he drunkenly stumbled away leaving all the servers and bartenders staring at me trying to see the resemblance.

This whole experience got me thinking. During my lifetime, I've been compared to a number of celebrities.
Let's take a look.

In high school, one or two people said I reminded them of Robin Williams.

I spent many evenings praying it was more for my zany behavior than appearance.

Around the same time, I was also compared to Bill Murray.

I cried a lot then. I call it my "blue" period.

Years later, I was compared to Wayne Newton by my own Grandmother.
Again, I wonder if it was the "normal" Wayne or the "plastic" Wayne?

Either way, I'm saddened and disappointed.

It wasn't until several years later that someone compared me to Mr. Brad Pitt!

Granted, it was only THIS picture and mainly the expression but STILL!
Brad Pitt! I was so excited, I called Angelina to celebrate.

Here's an excerpt of that conversation:

ME: Hi Angie! I'm the new Brad Pitt!

ANGELINA: Who is this?

ME: It's me! Just look at the poster for "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford". That's me!

ANGELINA: OK, I don't know who you are but my husband is building a tree house outside in our backyard.

ME: Oh. A guy can dream, right?

ANGELINA: No. Goodbye.

I lost her number in the laundry. Probably for the best.

The current comparison that comes from complete strangers as well as acquaintances is the popular Patrick Dempsey.

Again, I fear it's the young Pat instead of the current McDreamy.

I think this latest comparison is based more on my current hairstyle more than anything else.

I completely understand the comparison.

Let me post this picture of myself and let you readers judge for yourselves.

Personally, when I look in the mirror I see nothing but Johnny Depp!


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Anonymous said...

I think there's a little bit of all of them in you! ;)