Saturday, September 13, 2008


The weekend is upon us. Why are you sitting in front of your computer reading this drivel?

Top 5 things to do instead of being on your computer:

5. Paint your car yellow, pick up strangers and drive them to your house.

4. Paint some strangers yellow and put them in your car.

3. Construct an apparatus and method that includes programmable devices that individually control a plurality of nozzles wherein each nozzle has its own separate supply source.

2. What the heck did #3 mean?

And the number one thing to do besides be on your computer:

1. Eat your vegetables.

I'm not even sure what that last section was all about. I'll probably edit it out before publication.

The good thing about it all is that we have a tie-in with the incomparable Johnny Depp!

Because today's Iconic birthday is Mr. Roald Dahl!

He looks a little insane. But I guess you have to have some craziness about you to write "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

I don't remember that music from the movie.....?

Let's get out of here and paint some people yellow.


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