Friday, September 5, 2008


I have a radical theory and here it is.
I believe that everyone eventually looks the same the more they age.

Let's use Robin Williams and Don Henley as an example.

Here they are in their younger (read: more hair) days:

Clearly you can tell them apart and would have no problem distinguishing between Mork and Mr. Hotel California.


Let's look at them now.

Oh yeah. Same dude. Totally.

I'd give more examples but it's the weekend and I have some power lounging to do.

The guy that played Rachel's dad on Friends.

Everyday (or at least every time I'm there) he is at the Ballard Tully's in Seattle.
Today I accosted, I mean spoke, with him.
Here's an excerpt of that conversation:

Me: Aren't you the guy that played Rachel's dad on Friends?

Him: No.

Me: Yeah. You're him. What was the character's name?

Him: I don't know.

Me: So what are you doing hanging out everyday in a coffee shop?

Him: Please stop talking to me.

Me: Can I at least get your autograph?


It was at this time, I decided to end the interview and left on my own free will.

STARS! They're just like us! They use chairs to sit on and cups to drink out of!

I'll see if I can get him to guest blog sometime next week (providing the silly restraining order doesn't go through).

Nich got mad 'cause I took her pic off and thinks I don't like her now.
So to appease the Goddess...

Yeah. What'll the folks think about THAT?!


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Nice boobs, "Elvis" :0