Friday, September 5, 2008


Happy Friday Kids!

Let's take an end of the week look at the stock market report:

Wait. Am I reading that correctly? The Ford Motor Company traded for monkeys?

Well, I just came across this pic of the CEO of Ford...

Ah. Makes sense now. Weird sense.

Well, yours truly has his own Iconic birthday party to attend this evening so I need to cut this blog short. I need to detox, nap, eat protein and preen.

I leave you with one of my ALL time favorites for today's Iconic birthday...


This blogger actually owns several Dweezil releases and has been a huge fan for years.

Now, I couldn't embed my favorite song/video so you'll have to take the initiative and go to this link:

And we all know Dweezil's dad......

Something doesn't look quite right.
I think that may be the guy in that show, "Family Guy".

Let me check my files for an actual pic.

Boy. This blog-gone day just doesn't look right.
Let's go to my party.


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