Friday, October 10, 2008


Welcome to the beginning of what looks like a tremendous weekend.

There will be lots of celebra......what is this??

What the....?

Let's get a closer look.

The man has just been identified. Here is his photo:

Wait a second....I know who that is!
It's that punk from Blink 182!

Mystery solved!


It's that dude from Simply Red!!

He sat down with me for a cup o' Joe and the following interview:

ME: So, what's been going on with your band, Simply Red?

HIM: Well, after the full stop we had a free post set up and hired a flat for our next record.

ME: Um....OK. Do you still get royalties for "Holding Back the Years"?

HIM: We had our share of starters and tinned mince as well as plenty of aubergine, so I can't complain.

ME: Um....OK. What's with your hair?

HIM: There's been times when I've taken the tube with my jumper or roll neck and wanted to throw the whole lot in the tip truck.

ME: Um...OK. What brings you to Seattle?

HIM: Sorry?

ME: You're in Seattle.

HIM: Well, next time I'm going to have to use the transmission. This isn't what I bloody wanted.

ME: Um....OK.

There you have it. Definitely not one of my best interview subjects. All I understood was that he "bloody didn't want something-or-other....."

Good thing the interview was over because it was around this time that Clint Howard showed up. Needless to say, we got the heck out of there!

I suggest you do the same.


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