Monday, December 15, 2008


This just came across our fax line:

Upon further investigation, our offices came across this little piece of evidence:

Look closely and you'll see the assault take place right in front of the cameras.

Sammy "the elf" uses what looks like a sock to pummel the elf next to him.

Think that's bad? Wait until you see THIS piece of incriminating evidence:

He clearly has no regard for the lives of birds as he is seen sending this bird "swimming with the fishes"!

If you see him, please contact the police immediately! He is considered armed, dangerous and extremely good at making toys!

There's also suspicion that Sammy "The Elf" is working for another gangster known only as Grinch.
We have this mugshot:

The last known whereabouts of Grinch was somewhere in the Bahamas where he was recently seen vacationing with friends.



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