Thursday, February 26, 2009


The following is an exact transcript of a phone message I received a couple days ago:

Yeah hi Charlotte this is Tom back at work.

uh............working slowly however, but I am back.

And I had a question on the January sheet you had a refund of three thousand (fumbling around noises) excuse me

I'm having trouble keeping the phone by my ear...and trying to.......uh.........of 3,164 dollars.

And I couldn't (fumbling around noises) couldn't figure out exactly what that was about or what to credit or whatever....

I'm trying to get everything in basically the last year

so we won't really have much to contend with for '09....

so if you could give me a call.

Thought you might be around today since uh........

(huge sigh)......Monday's normally a day off for you.

So give me a call.

Thanks, bye.

Well, it wouldn't be a blog if I just left it at that. SO....I decided to do a little research to analyze exactly what the message meant.

Obviously, the January sheet refers to this:

But then things start to get tricky.

While doing a search about the $$ refund, I came across this picture of Wesley Snipes in drag:

Now I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but obviously there is some sort of moral judgment at question here.

And just as odd but less gender related, when I researched the part of contending with '09, I came across this:

I can only conclude that the contention will involve some sort of pushing and pulling mechanism and will ultimately determine how people will live and die by their decisions.

The final part is fairly obvious.

This Charlotte person has Monday off and is usually seen just hanging around.

Of course, I could have just called the guy back and explained that he had the wrong number.


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