Friday, June 20, 2008


So....the end of the week, eh?
NOW what are you gonna do?
Top 5 Weekend Activity Ideas:

5. Drink heavily and pause every time you see your reflection and say "you talkin' to me?"

4. Stand on a busy corner and ask everyone that walks by if they think you look fat.

3. Grow a mustache, buy a jean jacket and start a Gordon Lightfoot cover band.

2. Glue colored feathers all over your body, get on the roof and fly!

And the #1 Weekend Activity:
1. Quit reading this stupid blog and GO OUTSIDE!

As if anyone actually reads this anyway.....

Or you could just lie in bed staring at the ceiling tiles
and you can think about what to think about....

Just like Brian Wilson did.
Today's Iconic birthday.

In 1966, when he was still only twenty-four, Brian wrote the legendary album 'Pet Sounds', with lyricist Tony Asher. This was described by the NME as the "Greatest Album Of All Time", and personally named by Paul McCartney as his favorite album.
In 1995, Brian married Melinda Ledbetter.

Did that say "Ledbetter"?

No one knows the words to this damn song. But it's still a nice listen.

But that's not the only Brian Wilson - Pearl Jam link.
Brian completed an album titled "Smile"......Pearl Jam has a song called "Smile".
Coincidence? I think not.

Including some of my all time favorite lyrics:

I miss you already
I miss you always
I miss you already
I miss you all day

This is how I feel

Ah, I miss you already
I miss you always
Three crooked hearts....Swirls all around her
I miss you all day

Nice segue.
Albeit a bit obscure.....

One more thing before you go.
I'd like to share a visual of my dream last night.

I can't explain it either.
Now go outside and play.


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