Thursday, June 19, 2008


Let's take a quick look at this day in history.
  • In 1846, the first organized baseball game was played
  • The U.S. Government established the 8 hour work day
  • The FCC was established
  • The first championship prizefight was televised
  • In 1978, the comic strip Garfield was introduced
  • In 1999, author Steven King was struck from behind by a van resulting in a collapsed lung, 2 fractures in the right leg, a broken right hip, fractured pelvis, 2 broken ribs and a scalp laceration

Yeah I don't know French either.

Let's move on to today's top story.....

WOW! That is breaking news!

That also provides us with today's math lesson.

Let's hope my calculations are off on this one. Although my math has been pretty good in the past.....

I'm going to try and forget that horrid scene and move on to today's Iconic birthday.
Moe Howard!
You may know him better as:

That's right! The angry, abusive Stooge!

Wait one second.....Moe looks kind of familiar...
Let's look at another math equation:

Yup. John Mahoney (whose birthday is listed as TOMORROW!) from the Frasier television show is in fact, Moe.
I'm glad I listened to my teachers when they said math will apply to everyday life.....
Sure came in handy today!
Mr. Mahoney was also a major character in Cameron Crowe's Say Anything.

And that would bring us to today's emotional fix.

Only using today's modern math could you start off with Moe and end up with Lloyd Dobler.

Lloyd Dobler. One of my all time heroes.

"That girl made me trust myself, man. I was walking around feeling satisfied. Can you imagine that?"
" Just knowing that a version like that exists, knowing that just for a minute she felt that and wrote I can't help loving you. That has to be worth something."

I leave you with this final quote from Mr. Dobler:
"A pen. I gave her my heart....she gave me a pen."

It's anonymous and you don't need to register......

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Say Anything is a classic