Friday, June 13, 2008


IS FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!!!
Yesterday we had to deal with the end of civilization and NOW we have to contend with this!!
It's enough to make you crazy enough to watch this:

You should also probably run out and get your Friday the 13th Box Set before they sell out...

Get the whole collection! Perfect for the psychotic family member or friend!

Heck, we might as well give up and vote Republican!

Why I`m Voting Republican Dozens and dozens of interesting reasons why you too should vote Republican this year.

I wonder how today's Iconic birthday recipient would feel about all this destruction....
Rivers Cuomo!

Let's enjoy some of his earlier work

Oh that Fonzie!

I feel a little better about the state of affairs after watching that wholesome video.
Well, it seems we are at a blogging impasse today.
Let's just hope Saturday the 14th was worth the wait.

I leave you with a morbidly obese man yelling at his mouthless dog

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