Thursday, July 31, 2008


Let's start off with some local news.

So as I sit there in the local coffee shop that isn't Starbucks, all these trucks and trailers start setting up in the parking lot. I notice all the doors have a sign that reads "World's Greatest Dad".

Turns out this movie stars Robin Williams. And guess who decides to get themselves a little sugar free latte? That's right. Mr. Williams.

So we start some small talk and I mention my blog. I casually ask Robin if I can interview him for a few minutes.
Surprisingly, he says yes.

The following is a transcript of said interview:

Me: Good morning Mr. Williams

RW: Please call me Robin, just don't call me at home

Me: OK, Robin. You're in town to shoot a new movie titled "World's Greatest Dad"

RW: Yes

Me: Is it seriously directed by Bobcat Goldthwait?

RW: Yes

Me: Odd. You did a little movie titled "Bicentennial Man" and another called "RV"

RW: Yes

Me: Those movies sucked

RW: Thank you

Me: For a while there you were taking more unusual roles such as in "One Hour Photo" and "Insomnia". Then lately you've been making crap. How come?

RW: I don't know

Me: Well put sir

RW: (silent)

Me: OK then. Buy me a bagel?


So there you have it!
Exclusive interview with Robin Williams!

Here's a bit of Mr. Williams' oscar winning role:

Today's birthday:
Bill Berry!

You'd think the guy would do something about the eyebrow.
He's one step away from being Bert.


Let's look at a piece of his work:

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We're also experiencing technical difficulties in today's heartfelt quote.

We hope to get everything back and running by Friday Morning.


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