Friday, July 4, 2008


In case you don't get around to viewing a fireworks show in your area, enjoy the next best thing:

Maybe hold a sparkler while viewing.

Happy Birthday to today's Iconic recipient,
John Waite!

As a young punk kid, I bought all The Babys records that I could...

As I am writing this post in advance and assume many of you will be out grilling in the backyard or drinking in the gutter, I'm cutting our time short.

Just remember:

Each of us floats in a stream of life.
That stream has many sources feeding into it and many channels into which it will flow.
One person’s stream may flow into the stream of another, and vice versa; and the next moment each stream will move in a different direction.
Water flows with an endless dynamic energy, and so does life.

I recently came across this video.
I must warn you, it's pretty emotional.
I started watching it thinking, "yeah...same ol' shmaltz" BUT
this thing took my breath away and made me say (OUT LOUD) "HOLY S**T!"
Just a warning.....

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